Recently Watched Love Live

I might be a little late to the party, but I have recently watched the entire first season of Love Live and it is now my third all-time favorite anime series next to K-On! and Pretty Cure. I loved watching the whole thing and couldn’t help but become attached to the characters. Another reason why I like it is because of its lighthearted atmosphere. It’s something that I personally wouldn’t have any problems with showing to my friends and saying “See? Anime isn’t all long-ass fights and off-color gags.” I can’t wait for the second season next year. I’m planning to write a review for season 1 soon.

Favorite characters:

Honoka Kousaka

So cute and peppy! I love Honoka.

Nozomi Tojo

Nozomi’s awesome! She’s helpful, smart, and funny.

Niko Yazawa

Niko deserves mention just because of her trademark, “Niko-Niko-Nii!”


The Moe Corner: Yuyushiki

Yuyushiki is a moe slice-of-life comedy that aired during the Spring season this year. I watched it on CrunchyRoll from the moment the first episode was available to free users, and let me tell you, this show is just the right kind of combination of cute and silly.

As far as visual style goes, Yuyushiki looks about as adorable as any other respectable moe series. The characters are short, so as to place emphasis on the cute aspect, and also have big eyes. Also, each of the three main characters is designed with a look that matches their personalities. Yuzuko is energetic and hyperactive, and is designed with a cheerful expression that says “Hello, world.” Yui is more mature and reserved, and definitely resembles a devoted, hard-working adult. Yukari is spacy and childlike, and has a laidback look. It’s a pleasant aesthetic, and makes the cast appear very vivid and colorful.

Now, next, I need to talk about the writing. Yuyushiki is one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in recent memory. I literally laughed all the way through some of the episodes. This show’s sense of humor is really awesome, and hits the mark plenty. The three main characters are also very likeable, especially Yuzuko, who is just the kind crazy, silly character that’s needed for a great comedy. The supporting cast is also just as quirky and entertaining as the protagonists. The teacher, Yoriko Matsumoto, often referred to by her students as “Mom”, who is friendly towards students but also easily swayed, and Chiho Aikawa(or Ai-chan, if you prefer), the shy class president, stand out in particular.

The voice acting also fits each character perfectly, with Rumi Okubo as Yuzuko and Minami Tsuda as Yui being the highlights.

Final word: Yuyushiki is one of the most entertaining moe anime to come out this year, and one that you would be doing yourself a favor to watch. The craziness is too good to pass up.

Rating: 14 out of 15 (Amazing)