Zelda Meets Dynasty Warriors!? Sign me up!

I think I might have found the game that could convince me to get a Wii U. Today, Nintendo announced a spin-off of the Zelda franchise in colaboration with Tecmo Koei. This spin-off, tentatively called Hyrule Warriors and known in Japan as Zelda Musou, is a Dynasty Warriors-style game featuring Link as the hero battling against dozens of on-screen enemies at once, a Dynasty Warriors trademark. Throughout the fairly short trailer, Link plows through small goblins and also contends with a lizardman, and at one point near the end, there appear to be some Hyrule knights helping him against a dragon. The trailer ends with Link opening a treasure chest in typical Zelda fashion, followed by the words “Hyrule Warriors (name not final)”. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m up for a Dynasty Warriors-style, action-focused Zelda game.


Comics Storm: Sonic Universe #55-58


I recently had the pleasure of reading the final chapter of the Pirate Plunder Panic, the most recent story arc of Archie’s Sonic Universe comic series. Now I would like to share with you my honest opinion on the story arc.

Pirate Plunder Panic is about Blaze finishing her quest for the Sol Emeralds. She only has one more emerald to go, and it’s in the possession of an evil robot pirate named Captain Metal(who, oddly enough, looks like Metal Sonic in a pirate costume with a skull mask). Blaze is assisted by Amy, Cream, and Marine, while the bumbling goons, Bean and Bark, as well as big baddie Captain Whiskers of Sonic Rush Adventure fame, also appear in this arc.

Basic synopsis aside, these four issues are actually a very fun read. Blaze is awesome as the lead, a character I could read about every month, in fact, Captain Metal, despite his uninspired character design, actually makes for a pretty good villain, even successfully trapping Blaze at one point, Bean and Bark are hilarious, when she’s not focusing on chasing Sonic, it’s possible to write Amy in a pretty neat way, and Tracy Yardley’s storytelling makes this arc one to remember through and through.

Perhaps the highlight of the story, though, is issue 58, the story’s finale. The showdown in this issue will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next, and the climax with Burning Blaze is one for the history books.

Sonic Universe has hosted some really fun stories in the past, and this one is no exception. It has just the right mix of action and humor, as well as the perfect ending to Blaze’s story. Even so, let’s hope that we’ll still see her again in future issues.

Final score: 12 out of 15 (Great)