The Characters of God Bless the Warriors – Excel Knights – Heroes

Today, I will provide profiles for the heroes of Excel Knights, the second title I’m writing as part of my project, God Bless the Warriors.

Whitney Isabella Waterson/Adrenaline

The team’s leader. Whitney is able run at sonic speed and fire supersonic sound waves from her fists. She is skilled in close-range combat and highly athletic. She is also seen as being breathtakingly gorgeous by other students. She has long, straight black hair, strong muscles, and a slim waste, and is always in top physical shape due to a consistently-followed exercise regimen. She is determined and sure of her ability to fight and protect others, but her determination sometimes borders on recklessness. She also has a habit of coming off as crass or impulsive, due to her bad attitude towards teachers and authority figures. In battle, she uses karate techniques in combination with her powers.

Angela Kristen “Angie” Masters/Statue

A short and thick-figured girl who is able to turn her entire body to stone. She initially hid her powers from others due to fear of prejudice, but after meeting Whitney and Valerie, she started to become more open about displaying them in public, particularly in terms of doing her share for the team. She has trendy fashion sense and sometimes wears revealing clothing. She is very friendly and enjoys group activities. She has three male friends, Jim, Jeff, and Jermaine, whom she interacts with regularly. In battle, she uses her powers to increase her physical strength tenfold and uses techniques learned from various martial arts classes.

Valerie Maria Benavides/Knives

A 12-year-old prodigy of Latina descent with the ability to turn her arms and legs into blades. Valerie skipped three grades over a course of five years and thus, has difficulty adjusting to a school environment with older classmates. Her prodigious talents have led to her becoming the top student at school and she is even considered for a Harvard scholarship. She has a napoleon complex due to being significantly shorter than most girls her age. Since she is too young to get a part-time job, she lends her services to odd jobs for spending money and initially used her powers for gardening before meeting Whitney and Angie. In battle, she uses her powers to their full extent to stand against taller enemies.

Lyace Eysanill

A blue-winged female warrior from the medieval-fantasy world of Arsenia who leads a resistance to liberate her world from King Draken’s tyrannical rule, and to prevent him from conquering other worlds. She is stoic and approaches every situation she faces. Upon arriving in our world, she recruits Whitney, Angie, and Valerie to help her in the war against Draken. She appears after the girls have already met and formed the Excel Knights. She seems to have some sort of connection to Draken that she refuses to reveal to the resistance. In battle, she uses her ability of flight to her advantage and also demonstrates exceptional skills in swordplay.

Edit: I have changed Angie’s last name from Avalon to Masters to avoid conflict with an existing intellectual property.


DC Unveils Justice League United’s New Character, Equinox

DC Comics has unveiled the name and powers of their new Canadian superhero debuting in Justice League United. The new character Equinox, is a female hero whose powers come from the Earth and change according to the seasons. I’m looking forward to seeing Equinox’s debut and just how the new story will turn out.

So It Turns Out I’m Playing Games For A Dated Reason…

Recently, IGN posted an article where Jill Murray and Hugo Giard have said a lot about how “fun” no longer has to be the primary focus of a video game. Already, I’m ready to call bullcrap. Look. I don’t care about the thematic elements of the story. I don’t care about games “growing up”. I don’t care about this medium reaching the same level of emotional involvement as highly thematic blockbuster movies. I don’t care about the “power” and “complexity” of the experience. And I don’t care about the topic of video games as an art form! I play video games because I like to have fun. They’re called video games, for crying out loud! They’re supposed to be about gameplay! Not thought-provoking storytelling! That’s what movies are for! So let me ask this question. Why try to turn games into movies? Why take away the HUD? When cutscene after cutscene starts popping up just to interrupt the gameplay, it is no longer a game, and just becomes a big, super-long film. What’s the point in trying to be something you’re not?

The Characters of God Bless the Warriors – Sarah Simone and the Spear of Heart – Villains

Today, I will talk a little about the villains in Sarah Simone and the Spear of Heart.

Demonic King Halsegon

A king of devils and the primary archenemy of Sarah’s group. Halsegon is a cruel monarch who seeks conquest of all planes. He is a schemer who constantly makes plots to eliminate his enemies and hates to lose, which leads him to fervently seek out Sarah’s death, whether it is by his own hand, or one of his generals. He seeks to create a universe of absolute chaos ruled by sin. He uses whatever means are available to him to crush his foes. In battle, he uses a demonic sword and purple flames to annihilate his enemies.

The First General of Devils, Mahlen

One of Halsegon’s generals. Mahlen is a sadistic, sociopathic devil who cherishes warfare. He enjoys seeing the suffering of others and seeks to prolong his battles to further emphasize an enemy’s pain. He follows Halsegon because of the endless torment a universe of chaos would provide. In battle, he wields a whip to torture enemies.

The Second General of Devils, Akariost

Another of Halsegon’s generals. Akariost is a young demoness with retractable poisonous claws. Despite her allegiance to Halsegon, she is actually more humanistic than her king, or her comrade-in-arms, Mahlen. Furthermore, she does not realize that Halsegon is manipulating her for evil, and he has convinced her that the humans of Florania are an evil race planning to invade all other worlds. Akariost harbors romantic attraction to Halsegon, due to his lies about nobility. In battle, she uses both the poison in her claws and a rapier for close-range combat, as she believes long-ranged weapons such as bows and guns to be cowards’ tools.

Asura Lord Vritra

A two-headed dragon who leads a rogue faction of devils called the Asura. He seeks to establish a totalitarian empire across the entire universe under his own rule. He is cunning and ruthless, and rules out no options in his bid for conquest. He is destined to become one of the greatest threats of the God Bless the Warriors universe.

The Characters of God Bless the Warriors: Sarah Simone and the Spear of Heart – Heroes

Here, I will talk about the heroes in Sarah Simone and the Spear of Heart, one of three stories I’m working on for my God Bless the Warriors project.

Sarah Jane Dorothy Simone, Jr.

The protagonist of this story. Sarah is a goofy, absent-minded 14-year-old middle school student living in San Diego, California. She is reckless, easily distracted, and behaves somewhat irresponsibly. Her slacker attitude has resulted in her being scolded numerous times by friends, teachers, and her parents. Sarah is also lazy and sarcastic, and has a negative attitude toward studying. However, despite her shortcomings, she is capable of working hard towards her goals, and is able to memorize difficult problems after three days of studying. At the beginning of the story, she discovers the Spear of Heart, one of the most powerful weapons in the world, and subsequently begins training to gain control of its power and battle against devils as a Castorgard, or Devil Hunter. She is a highly capable fighter and can face down multiple opponents alone. Her hobby is arts and crafts. Sarah is actually from Las Vegas, Nevada, and moved to California three years ago. Sarah was named after her mother, who did not change her last name upon marriage. She is fairly short, with child-like features.

Kimberly Alison “Kim” Keranen

Sarah’s classmate and friend. Kim is a hard-working student who is often annoyed by Sarah’s laziness. Despite her distaste for Sarah’s negative attitude, she actually cares deeply for her, and often makes an effort to help her pass her classes. Kim was the first person to befriend Sarah after she moved to San Diego. She decides to help Sarah battle the devils after she becomes a Castorgard. Kim does not use weapons, instead relying on martial arts training to help her in battle. She has a complex due to being taller than most girls her age.

Reika Yasakani

A foreign exchange student from Japan who gives off an elegant, refined aura. Reika is a smart, beautiful, and kind-hearted girl who is consistently one of the highest scoring students. She is also an experienced Castorgard who has been training in the use of magic for the past year since her transfer to America and fights alongside Sarah against the devils. She is very outgoing and friendly with others and enjoys group activities. She is 15 years old, but due to differences in the Japanese and American school systems, she is one year behind in studies and in the eighth grade. In battle, she uses witchcraft to manipulate fire.

Sirius Emmerich

A 31-year-old speech teacher who is secretly training the protagonists to fight against the devils. He is a powerful warrior and sorcerer with mastery over more than a hundred spells and a dozen and a half forms of weaponry and hand-to-hand combat who has fought devils for fifteen years, and uses this knowledge and experience to train Sarah, Kim, and Reika. The true measure of his power is unknown. He is patient with students, although even his limits are sometimes pushed by Sarah’s lack of focus. He is a serious, no-nonsense teacher who pushes his students to their limits in Castorgard training. He is most often seen wearing a fedora.

What I’ve Learned From Anime And Games

Hello, everyone. As you probably already know, I enjoy anime and games a lot. I have a lot of fun watching anime(in particularly moe anime) and video games. They’re great entertainment. But there’s another reason why I like them so much. A reason that has a lot of impact on my current goals(to someday enter the comic book industry as a writer and establish a superhero line of my own). A big reason as to why I enjoy these things is because, for me, anime and games are good teachers. I’ve gained important lessons from them in regards to being a storyteller and a writer. Allow me to start by talking about how I view the moe aesthetic. Here in the West, moe fans like myself haven’t exactly been given the warmest reception in the anime fandom, and I follow a few blogs that talk about this, but right now, for just right now, let me tell you how I feel about moe. I love it. Very much so. It’s taught me the most of anything(except maybe for school). It’s my biggest influence. I’ve seen how it is used in slice-of-life and fantasy-action anime, and from that I learned things about whimsy and being able to tell a story without being too grim. It’s also taught me about the importance of characters to any form of storytelling, something that I feel is sometimes forgotten. There’s also occasional use of fanservice in these productions to excite, amuse, or titillate. I’ve learned from the occasional fanservice that it’s okay for a story or character to seem a little silly or over-the-top. I’ve also learned important lessons from two video game series in particular, Shin Megami Tensei and BlazBlue. Shin Megami Tensei is a fantastic franchise. There are all these different sub-series that are a part of it, such as Persona, Devil Summoner, and Digital Devil Saga, each with their own concept, and that has taught me to always come up with new ideas. Now with BlazBlue, it has many different kinds of characters. Characters who are badasses, characters who are crazy, characters who are sexy, characters who are cute, and even characters who are just plain weird. BlazBlue has taught me about eccentricity as a tool with which to create a wonderful, interesting world. Really, there are a lot of great lessons to learn about storytelling from anime and games, and these are lessons can pick up. That what makes these mediums so interesting.