03/01/14: A Status Update

Hello, everyone. I’m going to do a quick status update right now.

As far as gaming goes, not a whole lot has happened. I’ve been playing Persona 4 Golden on Vita and have recently gotten past the Rise rescue. I have to say that it’s definitely a nice upgrade from the original version on PS2, which was already quite an incredible experience in itself. Looking forward to Persona 5.

I’m also playing Senran Kagura Burst on 3DS. Great game. I cleared the Hanzo story a while ago, but I still haven’t done the same for the Hebijo story.

And as far as the anime scene goes, it’s been a pretty good season for me. Strike the Blood is continuing up to the end of March. It’s still the best action anime to come out in a while. The pacing is leagues better than in what’s popular in the States right now, (*cough* Bleach *cough*) and is reminiscent to me of a well-written western comic. The characters are also really likeable, particularly Sayaka and Yukina. There’s also plenty of stylish action to enjoy.

I also recommend checking out Magical Warfare. It’s great if you’re into fantasy, action, and character-based drama.

I’m also watching Sakura Trick and enjoying it a lot. It’s mostly silly fun, but there’s also a very sweet story revolving around the love between the different female characters in the show. And yes. There is, indeed, actual kissing.

I’m also Engaged to the Unidentified. It’s a pretty funny slice-of-life comedy, although later on, some very light fantasy elements are thrown in.

I’m also watching Happiness Charge PreCure. It’s a really good magical girl series. The writing in this series is wonderful, and the characters are adorable.

Now, in terms of comic books, I’ve been reading quite a bit. My favorites so far are Red Lanterns, Ms. Marvel, and Black Widow.

Red Lanterns has become really awesome since Charles Soule took over writing it. Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern is badass.

Ms. Marvel turned out to be a really interesting read. Kamala is a wonderful character, and Adrian Alphona’s art really brings the world of this book to life.

Black Widow is probably the best comic being published right now. It is exciting, intriguing, and accessible. Nathan Edmondson is an awesome writer, and Phil Noto’s artwork gives the book a sophisticated, almost painter-like feel.

Comics that I’ve purchased this week include Guardians of the Galaxy #12, Justice League Dark #28, Larfleeze #8, and Talon #16.

This month’s issue of Guardians of the Galaxy was a good chapter of the Trial of Jean Grey crossover arc with All-New X-Men. The time-displaced Cyclops got to meet his father, and Jean’s trial has started. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the last two parts of this story have in store for both teams.

Forever Evil: Blight has been a good story so far. I’ve seen plenty of disdain for Constantine now being part of the DC Universe, but I personally don’t have any real problems with it. The stories appeal to me, so that’s all I care about. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story concludes over the course of the next four weeks.

Larfleeze is a lot of fun to read. Each issue provides another exciting, laugh-out-loud chapter in the story, and issue 8 was no different.

Haven’t read the new issue of Talon yet. I’ll let you know how it is when I do, though. Seems like it could be interesting now that Calvin’s involved with Batman Incorporated.  It’s a shame that the series will be ending with issue 17, but what can you do?

I’ve also started reading the original miniseries of The Ultimates from 2002. I’m reading it on Comixology. So far, I’ve only read the first two issues. It’s pretty good so far.

I’m also reading the original manga of Sailor Moon. I’ve almost finished volume 3. The series is a pretty good read. Sailor Mars is my favorite character.