Online Harassment Revisited – This Can’t Stand

Sometimes, something happens that can’t be ignored. This is one of those times. I have lived with a lot of guilt over the manipulative behavior of a former friend for about half a year and over time, his behavior only got worse and worse. Last year, he had harassed multiple individuals over a certain period of time. I can’t remember what days it happened on. Afterwards, when others confronted him on his behavior, he came to me, casting himself as a victim of bullying. I did not realize what he had done until he had convinced me to defend him. I believe this happened three times. Needless to say, I eventually grew tired of his dishonest, selfish, entitled attitude and cut ties with him. But the guilt over allowing myself to be manipulated has stayed and I’m not sure how long it will take to completely get over what happened back then. I had attempted multiple times to reason with him and convince him to stop his behavior, but he truly believes that he is above reproach, and that nothing he does on the internet can possibly have any effect in the real world. Now, I have decided to show him just how wrong he really is. I have acquired screenshots of some of the more disturbing things he’s done from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. To respect their wishes, I have edited the screenshots to obscure any mention of their name, albeit in sloppy fashion, I’m aware. But I find it’s very effective. (Warning: Some of the text in these screenshots may prove unnerving. I have used MS Paint to block out the worst examples, while showing what I believe to be necessary.)

Now, I think we can all agree that this is quite serious. These screenshots show just how unstable this person really is. He is advocating violence, even murder, and engaging in blatant sexual harassment. How anyone can ignore this is beyond me.


Guide to Gaming – Senran Kagura – Part 2 – Characters – Hanzo National Academy

Senran Kagura features characters that are now my very favorites in all video games. That being said, I’ll gladly take the time to devote several posts to describing the characters from each of the series’ factions, starting with the series’ protagonists from the secret shinobi training program of the Hanzo National Academy.



Asuka is the main character of the Senran Kagura series. She is the 16-year-old granddaughter of the legendary good shinobi, Hanzo, for whom the Hanzo National Academy is named. Asuka is very bright-eyed and optimistic, and she is also very friendly, often attempting to befriend everyone she meets, even those who are initially her enemies, such as Homura, Kagura, and Yumi. She deeply cherishes the people around her, having learned as such from her grandfather. Furthermore, Asuka is able to see the good in everyone and is able to always find a way to end conflict without killing. In my opinion, this is what makes her stand out from many other game heroes, ad is perhaps the greatest example of her strong sense of humanity, as she is able to influence everyone around her for the better.



Now, I’ll be covering the love of my life, Ikaruga. I don’t even know where to begin. She’s the 18-year-old class representative and comes from a long line of shinobi who are publicly known as a major financial group. Se is actually a distant relative of who was adopted by the family’s head because his son was not cut out to be a shinobi, which led to an internal conflict within Ikaruga as her adopted brother resented her for taking his place in the shinobi bloodline. Even so, she still manages to keep an incredible level of composure, eventually being able to make peace with her brother and her own inner struggle, throughout the course of the series’ story. She is very kind and caring, often looking for the best way to make everyone happy. However, while she is usually patient, she does have moments when she loses her composure, becoming either embarrassed or annoyed by Katsuragi’s antics. Out of all the characters in the series, she is my number one favorite. I love everything about her. Her sword skills are amazing to see, and I can’t help admiring her gorgeous black hair and beautiful blue eyes.



Katsuragi is quite an interesting character, personality-wise. She is a perverted 18-year-old girl who takes great pleasure in groping the other girls, ofen to their dismay. In fact, she actually takes great joy in their cries of objection as well, and she seems to be completely devoted to this practice. I would like to think that in real life, we all know that this kind of predatory behavior is a pretty serious offense, but all the same, just the fact that Takaki actually came up with a character like this is quite amusing to me. Take that as you will. She is actually training to become a shinobi so that she can gain redemption for her parents, who were forced to become renegades after having failed a mission. They are currently in hiding to protect themselves from assassins. While shinobi law considers renegades to be evil, Katsuragi continues to believe in the good in her parents, and saving them from shame is her ultimate goal.



Yagyu is a 16-year-old shinobi prodigy. She is very serious about her shinobi training and devotes much of her time to her practice, making free time only to be with Hibari, whom she cares deeply for, and to pay respects to her deceased younger sister, Nozomi. Nozomi was killed in a traffic accident as a child, ad as a sign of remembrance, Yagyu used Nozomi’s ribbon to make an eyepatch, which is her greatest treasure. Yagyu cares very deeply for Hibari because she reminds her of Nozomi.



Hibari is a bright-eyed and cheerful 16-year-old girl. She is very friendly and enjoys interacting with others. The truth is that Hibari actually dislikes conflict and did not initially wish to become a shinobi, preferring to open up a sweets shop instead. But she inherited her family’s special puppetry power, Kagan, which manifests and the eyes and allows her control over others. So if anyone is wondering why Hibari’s eyes look unusual, it’s because of Kagan. She holds a deep fear and loathing of this power, at one point believing she was using it unconsciously. She cares deeply for the people around her, ad will even attempt to prevent them from making grave mistakes. She is series creator Kenichiro Takaki’s favorite character.

Yomi has some of the best themes.

Yomi from the Senran Kagura series is among my very favorite characters in all video games, along with pretty much every other girl from this delightful franchise. Because of this, I thought it would be cool to do a post compiling some of her musical themes. Also worth noting is that while I make my undying love for Ikaruga well-known, I do actually think her and Yomi would be very cute together.

Envious Gaze from Senran Kagura Burst. The melody to this song is simply exquisite.

Sprouts of Fire from Shinovi Versus. This is a very upbeat and catchy song, and listening to it, I can’t help but think of the best Sega Genesis tracks.

I Devote Myself to Sprouts, My Lovely Bean Sprouts from Bon Appetit. A very fast, infectious tune. Need I say more?

Sprouts, Me, and Seafood from Estival Versus. This song is definitely going to stay in your head for a while. It simply addicting.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies – Review

Since the late 2000s, Warner Brothers has released a series of direct-to-video animated films based on DC Comics’ extensive line of comic book properties and characters that are closer to the comics than any of the more family-oriented TV series in animation known collectively as DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is the sixth film in the series, based on the Public Enemies story arc from the ongoing comic series, Superman/Batman.

Public Enemies does a stellar job of bringing a story that actually feels like an adaptation of the comics and offering to offer for others.

Public Enemies does a stellar job of bringing a story that actually feels like an adaptation of the comics and offering plenty for others.

The story begins with Lex Luthor being elected the president of the United States and revealing that all superheroes will be required to register with the government. Captain Atom, Major Force, Power Girl, Katana, Black Lightning, and Starfire have all registered, but two certain big-time heroes have failed to register. Superman and Batman are continuing to act on their own, and this leads to conflict with their former allies. Meanwhile, a large kryptonite meteor is on a collision course with Earth, threatening billions of lives. The film focuses on both story arcs equally.

The first thing I want to say about this film is that the visual style is really, really good. The character designs are very well-done and the art direction is a perfect fit for the film’s action themes and can only work in this sort of production. Indeed, this particular visual style can only work with an action-packed production like Public Enemies.

Throughout the film, we’re treated to a number of exciting fight scenes featuring a number of DC heroes including Captain Atom, Power Girl, Captain Marvel (Now known as Shazam), Hawkman, and also a wide variety of villains. All of the action flies by very smoothly without any visual hiccups or framerate drops.

Warner Bros. assembled quite the impressive array of voice talent, with Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy, and Clancy Brown reprising their animated series roles as Superman, Batman, and Lex Luthor, respectively. The musical is also impressive, and never seems strange or out of place.

The film’s writing is top-notch. It actually feels like a storyline from the DC Comics Universe and the lead characters never seem strange or out of character. Superman and Batman’s contrasting personalities of light and dark compliment one another very well and Luthor always seems like the manipulative, conniving scumbag he really is. This really is a genuine DC Universe production.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is a wild roller coaster ride full of exciting twists and turns, and I have no trouble recommending it to any superhero fan or action buff.

Final Score: 12 out of 15 (Excellent)